About Five Wounds

It is 1536. The north of England has boiled over into rebellion against Henry VIII. Sixteen year old Nan Ellerton must choose – help the rebels, even though it could mean paying the brutal penalty for treason, or betray her beliefs and risk eternal damnation.

A stunning historical novel for teenagers from debut author Katharine Edgar, Five Wounds tells a story of adventure, passion and courage, set against the background of the Pilgrimage of Grace.

Five Wounds will be published on 2nd March 2015 by Greengate Books, available exclusively on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Five Wounds 20 Jan 2015 KINDLE

What Goodreads reviewers are saying:

Five Wounds is a gripping read that grabs you from the word go. It is set against historical events I know very little about…but I was completely swept away into this world as it was so brilliantly, convincingly realised…The story hurtles on apace and I could not put it down – but at the same time I didn’t want it to end. It is exciting, gripping and moving by turn – without giving anything away, there is a parting of the ways that is utterly heart breaking and brought me to tears….’

‘This is a wonderful book. It takes the reader effortlessly into the world of Tudor England.’

‘The story lured me in from the very first pages…I was utterly impressed with the historical details of this book…The author also has a style of writing that visualizes these details to the reader with clarity and ease…’

‘The historical backdrop in this novel is accurately researched and expertly rendered, such that I was immediately immersed in the story with the pace fast enough to keep me interested whilst not skimming over details… I found myself awake much later into the night than is sensible…’


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